Aspen’s Daisies

Aspen's Daisies

Nature is incredible, that’s for sure. Sometimes, you look about and are completely amazed and awestruck. Perhaps the view before you is vast and magnificent. Perhaps the view is fantastically colorful or vibrant, or maybe it includes a mountain higher than you have ever seen. Yet, equally stunning vignettes can be found everywhere. Sometimes, it can be in the middle of a Colorado forest near Crested Butte, such as this new aspen grove, replete with delicate purple daisies.

A view doesn’t have to be huge to be compelling and extraordinary, that’s for sure. But it does have to speak to you, call to you, and invite you into the scene. This young stand of aspens did just that for me. I was enchanted at how the light played and danced amongst the trees, lighting up different areas of the rich green carpet. The clouds, high above and for the most part out of sight, scuttled across the sky, allowing the sun to break through for moments at a time before blocking it right back out again. Yet, it was this game of hide and seek with the sun that made it magical. The daisies didn’t mind, that’s for sure, and they would drink and soak up the sun when it shone directly upon them.

To be sure, I didn’t happen upon this scene by accident. I had spent a couple of days in the forests around this area looking for this scene. It had to be perfect for me, and although I saw plenty that were close, it wasn’t until I walked to this location that it really spoke to me. I wanted the daisies and aspens together, but they had to really call to me. Sometimes, the daisies were far away and sometimes they were too close. Sometimes the forest floor was bare, and sometimes it was so dense that you got lost in it. I didn’t give up hope, but it sure did take take a while before I found the exact place that I was looking for. I did, though, and thus this photograph was made.

I was happy to enjoy daisies and aspens, and this photograph reminds me that amazing scenes are all around us.

You can let the daisies dance with the aspens in your home