Arching Color: Flowers in Arches

Arching Color

It had been a hot, dry day in Arches National Park, Utah. The wind, although gentle, was blowing and making a dry day even drier. Although there had been rain recently, it was already a distant memory. As the hours went by the heat was becoming relentless.

Yet, there in the distant sky was the hint of relief. A thickening of the clouds low on the horizon promised, perhaps, that moisture would come. As the day continued it slowly turned into a race of heat versus the incoming storm, and eventually it was well apparent that the storm was going to win this race.

The incoming storm presented opportunity for me, if only I could take advantage of it. As much as I adore Arches National Park, and it is one of my favorite National Parks, creating compelling photographs there can be somewhat of a challenge. Despite the amazing arches, and surrounding red rock, when the skies are clear blue it, at least in my opinion, makes the resulting photographs somewhat flat. Best to have something interesting in the skies. White, fluffy clouds are quite interesting. Storms are interesting, too, and that’s what captured my interest. For I knew that if a storm came, the park would transform itself into an amazing place to be.

The flowers knew it, too. They appeared to become more vibrant than they did earlier in the day, although perhaps it was merely against that now ominous backdrop that made them appear that way. They reached for the sky, wanting to catch and taste the sweet water as it tumbled to the ground. Best not to waste a single drop!

Shortly after I made this photograph the storm delivered as promised, and skies opened up, spilling the much needed water onto the flowers and the desert.

Enjoy the colors of Arches!