Kebler’s Road

Kebler Pass, a high mountain pass just outside of Crested Butte, Colorado, is arguably one of the most scenic drives for aspen you will find anywhere. The smooth gravel road, Kebler’s Road, wends up and over the pass providing some of the best aspen scenery you will ever encounter. Along the way, you’ll experience stand after stand of aspen, and indeed, this is the second largest stand of aspen in the United States.

In autumn, Kebler’s Road showcases fall colors almost its entire length, providing stunning view after stunning view, leaving you out of breath the entire way. It sounds too good to be true, yet, year after year, season after season, Kebler’s Pass lives up to its name.

This photograph was made on a stormy fall day. The sun was mostly hidden, yet now and then it would find a way to peek out from the clouds and light up the landscape. Those precious moments, few and far between, turned a colorful, yet drab, landscape into one alive and glowing with color, and showcased the greens, yellows, oranges, and spots of red of the ever-changing aspens.

Kebler’s Road is a drive every aspen enthusiast should journey on.

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