Second Sunset

Olympic National Park, Washington, has more than its fair share of beaches. The park goes way out of its way to protect a significant portion of the Washington coastline, which in turn, leads to a considerable number of beaches. The many beaches make it difficult to choose which beach to be at, and even harder to pick a favorite. However, Second Beach is certainly one of the more striking ones, and Second Sunset illustrates that point perfectly.

The day was a bit dreary, and the sun hid behind clouds for most of it. Some times the clouds were thick, and sometimes not, which made for a hard day of predicting a sunset. Some days, you know from the very beginning it was going to be an excellent evening. Alas, today was not one of those days, but still, you just never know. I made the half mile or so trek to Second Beach hoping it would turn out OK.

And, remarkably, it did. The sun hung below the dense clouds throughout the early evening. Just when it seemed that I was out of time, the clouds gave way, just a little bit, and let some of the blues of the sky seep through them. It was just enough to make Second Sunset and make my evening complete.

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