Stormy Valley

From the moment the first person laid eyes on Yosemite National Park’s central valley, it has captured and held our attention. With it’s soaring granite cliffs, some over two thousand feet higher than they valley floor, and roaring waterfalls, the valley is a magical place. As might be expected with magical places, it has moods and temperaments; as the weather changes, so does the valley.

On bright and sunny days, especially bright and sunny spring days, all is cheery and bright. The birds are singing, the trees appear especially green, and all is right in the valley. Through a twist of geology and topography, however, the valley sees more than its fair share of storms. When these roll through, rather than appearing gloomy, the valley simply takes on a different tone. Stormy Valley captures one of those moment.

Here, the Merced River is flowing by Bridalveil Fall on the backside of the soaring Cathedral Spires. Sculpted by the ice age glaciers, the valley’s whimsical formations take on a whole different texture and meaning when storms come through, as witnessed by the low-hanging clouds.

As sun and storms roll through Yosemite we can celebrate its ever-changing moods and scenery.

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