Yosmite View

Yosemite National Park in California is considered one of the most beautiful National Parks in the entire country, and rightfully so. Throughout its history it has enthralled millions of people as they visit, and countless more through its evocative photographs, paintings, drawings and depictions. It is truly an artist’s paradise, for beauty can be found, quite literally, wherever you look. How then, does one decide which is their favorite view? The quaint answer is you don’t, but you must, in the end, decide. Yosemite View, for me, is my answer to that very difficult question.

Here, Yosemite Creek plunges off the edge of the granite face into the valley below, creating Yosemite Falls, the signature waterfall of the park. In the spring, when the water is at its peak, the echoing and booming of the water can be heard throughout the valley. Ever-present, the occasional booms remind you of thunder, but this is the thundering of water crashing over two thousand feet down. The water then makes its way to the deceptively serene Merced River.

Surrounded by the lush greenery of spring, Yosemite View, for me, captures the essence and emotion of waterfall, river and National Park.

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