Tractor’s Flowers

International Harvester’s Farmall tractor might well be the most popular small tractor in history. When production began in the late 1940s until it ended in the early 1980s, this small, but mighty, tractor dominated America’s small farms. It was perfect for the task, too. Small and lightweight, and highly maneuverable, it was perfect for the myriad of tasks it was needed for. Painted bright red until 1960, it could be easily spotted in the fields, and became a symbol of farming.

Even today the tractor can be found working in the fields. Farmers are not ones to give up tools and machines that keep on working with a minimum of fuss, and the Cub Farmall is no exception.

Just such a tractor can be found deep in the heart of Hill Country, Texas. Here, sitting in a field of bluebonnets on a soft, dreamy spring morning, everything comes together to create an iconic photograph.

Perhaps the Farmall is getting ready to head out to the field. Perhaps it just came in from a morning of plowing. Perhaps it just rests here, keeping watch over its field of flowers. In any event, Tractor’s Flowers represents all that is magnificent about our farms.

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