Austin Bound

83 miles to go on our Austin bound journey. Just 83 more miles and we are finally there. We’ve been riding the rails for a while now, headed to the city. Mile after mile the countryside rolls by and we are lulled by the creek and the sway of the cars as they whiz down the tracks. We round a small bend and now there is just 82 more miles until Austin. Outside the windows the miles continue to roll by.

So do the years, because this vignette hasn’t happened since 1937 when the last passengers rode these rails. The historic railroad started as the Austin and Northwestern Railroad, which was purchased by the Houston & Central Texas Railroad which was then acquired by the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and finally by the Southern Pacific Railroad. Whew! Through all these owners and all these years the line has persevered, even though today it doesn’t see any rail traffic at all.

The bluebonnets, on the other hand, have made extensive use of the rails. They find the lack of rolling stock perfectly acceptable and over the years have taken over the rails for themselves.

We don’t mind, however, because now both the bluebonnets and ourselves are Austin bound.

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