The Search

What, or who, is out there? What secrets are there to be found and deciphered? How, and when, was our universe formed? Are we truly alone? Or are we part of a vast galactic civilization and we just don’t know that yet? These answers we do not yet know. But the search continues.

The search happens in many different ways, using many different methods. We use the Hubble Telescope, in orbit around our planet, to look deep into space, and in so doing, peer back into time. We use earthbound telescopes for the same thing. But at the Very Large Array just outside of Socorro, New Mexico, we use radio telescopes to examine the electromagnetic spectrum that washes over our plant.

Each of these giant radio telescopes is impressive in and of itself. But there many of these antennas, each working in concert with the next. Taken together, they form a sum that is larger than their parts, and together they form a very powerful, and very sensitive instrument. Scientists use specific alignments of the array to study different areas of the sky, and the search continues.

Who knows what we will find. But maybe it will be discovered at the Very Large Array.

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