Skyward Bound

We have always been skyward bound. From the moment we first looked up into the inky darkness above, and wondered at the countless stars that call to us from up there, we have also wondered if, perhaps, there was something, or someone, else up there. We named the constellations and asterisms, and created the myths and legends that surrounded each. We gave each one a backstory, and these backstories are still with us to this day. As children, we learn them, for who hasn’t heard of Ursa Major, perhaps better known as The Big Dipper, which becomes the story of the bear?

The Very Large Array in New Mexico is also searching the sky, albeit in a more scientific manner. These radio telescopes peer deep into the heavens and back into time, looking for, and examining radio waves for information and clues. Cutting edge science is performed at the VLA, and new discoveries and understandings are being made. In the process, perhaps, we will find the ultimate answer to the question of life other than ours, and perhaps we will learn if anyone else has been skyward bound.

In the meantime, we will stare up at the sky, us with our eyes and the VLA with the antennas and we shall each search for our answers.

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