Sunset Searchers

The sun slipped just below the horizon and the moment right between daylight and nighttime arrived. The sky lit up in a fiery display of oranges and golds trying to draw attention to itself, yet the searchers remained, intent upon their target. For these searchers were not seeking anything upon this planet, but instead, looking into deep space, peering into the heavens and beyond.

These are a few of the radio telescopes at the Very Large Array, near Socorro, New Mexico. These enormous telescopes see not with light but with radio waves, and their endless mission is to discover and unlock the secrets of the universe. Acting in concert, each telescope contributes to the whole, and all together this is an exceptionally powerful instrument. The scientists pour over each run, looking for the answers that might be revealed in the next set of data.

The telescopes, though, blind to earthly wonders, continued their quest, despite the amazing sunset that was far closer than their quarry. Then again, since they can’t “see” in visible light, perhaps they didn’t realize how stellar the sight was. After a short while the sun continued on around the Earth, and the sky turned to inky black. The sunset searchers continued on, as always.

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