Tefft Crossing

The cold winter day was just that—a cold winter’s day. The snow had stopped a while ago, but the clouds had not yet broken nor cleared. Still, despite the grey day the train roared across the bridge just outside of Tefft, making Tefft crossing right on time.

Of course, these days Tefft is merely a name, as the town has long faded into history. The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, however, still rumbles across the rails, although these days it is carrying passengers and railroad enthusiasts instead of ore down from the high mountain mines. And the line itself now only runs from Durango, Colorado to Silverton, Colorado, but it is enough to keep alive the spirit of the railroad alive.

It is easy to imagine that this photograph is from that time gone by. The train is steaming down the mountain, and the first couple of cars are carrying passengers back to Durango. Behind those are the ore cars, full of freshly mined ore, and headed for processing just outside of Durango. And truly, this photograph is timeless, and could have been made any time in the last hundred years or so. In the meantime the train streams ahead, on time for now and the next hundred years.

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