Steaming Past

A long time ago, back when the Colorado mining boom was in full swing, the sounds of the train steaming past were just another part of the day. Trains plied the rails, hauling mail, passengers and mostly the precious ore; without the train, mining would not be what it was, and life far different. Today, however, the rails in the Colorado mountains are silent and in most places, completely gone.

But not in all places! The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RailRoad keeps the line from Durango to Silverton open and running regular service, even in the winter time. Now dedicated to carrying only passengers, the line is alive and well. Stepping aboard the train and leaving the station is like stepping back in time and it is easy to forget what year it is as you look at the window at the gorgeous mountain scenery.

This photograph was made just as the engine was steaming past some old rolling stock. Since the line no longer hauls ore, some of the old cars are simply no longer needed and sit abandoned along a siding. At this point, it is not certain that the stock could even move, but what is certain is that it makes an awesome photograph. In any event, the train keeps plying the rails, keeping history alive.

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