Hunting Coyote

Quiet as a whisper, quieter even, the coyote moved through the snowy day. Unless you happened to be looking right at it, you would never even know it was there, despite it’s size. It glided in and around the trees on its hunt, and it even seemed to glide in and around the very snowflakes, which also didn’t know it was there. That’s just the way the coyote liked it.

This particular snowy winter’s day was in the mountains of New Mexico, and the coyote was a regular on this route. Most likely, it was patrolling its territory, looking to make sure that all was in place, but more over, looking to make sure dinner wasn’t readily available. It didn’t even glance at me, probably because I wasn’t moving at all, as it continued its prowl.

The coyote is truly a wonderful animal, and greatly understood by many. Over time, these wild animals have learned how to adapt and survive in a human-dominated landscape. Drifting invisibly throughout places where we live, they have learned to live in harmony with us, although, we have not learned the same lesson with them. Still, they manage, and their wits and cunning have pulled them through. None of this was on this coyote’s mind, however, and it continued its hunt.

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