Coyote’s Winter

The winter’s day was cold, and made all that much colder by the gentle snow that was falling. The sun, which had earlier tried to make an appearance, was chased out of the day by the advancing dark clouds, which threw their gloom into the day instead. The entire scene was quiet as could possibly be, and the falling snow completed the muted feeling.

That is, until the coyote walked into it. It just stood there, looking, watching, taking it all in, and taking good stock of its world. I can’t presume to know what the coyote was thinking; perhaps it was pondering if the hunting here was good, or better somewhere else. Perhaps it had caught the scent of something, and was standing there to see if it was right. Perhaps something else caught it’s attention, but in any event, it had certainly caught my attention.

It stood there for what seemed an eternity, then quietly and silently moved on, drifting away much like a shadow does. The snow continued to fall and the day’s gloom never did lift. The day felt far more empty once the coyote left, and the snow gradually accumulated in the mountains of New Mexico, quickly covering all traces of this visitor.

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