Boiler Shop

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a long history with the railroads, although in modern times it has been just that—a history. Still, from the turn of the century until somewhere around the mid 50s, Albuquerque was an important stop on the rails, and at one point, a large percentage of the city was employed by the railroad in some way. The Albuquerque Railyards had a lot to do with that.

Back when steam engines ruled the lines, service of those engines was beyond important. Steam engines needed frequent servicing, and that was not easy. You needed a rail yard to handle the requirements, and that meant large facilities, for, after all, trains are not small. Luckily, Albuquerque was in a prefect location and thus the rail yards were built.

As the diesel locomotive took over from steam ones, the rail yards were no longer needed and gradually faded into the past. This view of the Boiler Shop shows it today; it’s been a very long time since the ring of men working steel rang out in these rooms, and the years have not been kind to the structure. Still, standing in the now empty room, you are not quite alone, for the shop’s rich history is alive with you, and the echoes of the distant times is just on the edge of hearing.

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