Zion’s Fall

Zion National Park, Utah, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful National Parks there is, and with good reason. It has, in the end, a tremendous amount going for it, including rivers, red rock canyons, and of course fall colors. Zion’s Fall celebrates much of that beauty.

As fall comes in and the cottonwoods begin their annual change of colors is when Zion, especially around the Virgin River, really begins to shine. The deep rich colors of the soaring sandstone walls stands in contrast to the warm yellow hues of the changing leaves, making for a beautiful and incredible color contrast. It is hard to not lose yourself in all of the beauty.

This small scene, however, remains one of my favorites. I like how the trees reach up the canyon walls, trying, vainly, to see what lies beyond them. Every year the trees try to grow taller, yet year over year their goal remains just out of reach. I like the small strip of blue sky, reminding me that there is indeed more than just tall sandstone walls, and giving me a way out of the canyon. But most of all I like how the scene comes together, simply and elegantly, to make a stunning fall photograph.

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