Mustang Rumble

Back in the heady days of the Wild West, disputes were settled in a very efficient way. There was usually a clear winner and there was usually a clear loser as the smoke cleared from the gunfight. Although it might seem brutal today, it did produce results. Some of them even end up in infamy (O.K. Corral would be one that springs to mind).

In these modern times, we don’t resort to gunfights, but a good old fashioned rumble is not out of the question. And it is not out of the question that one was a’brewin one afternoon at the Monero Mustang Sanctuary.

This is part of Milagro’s band. Milagro himself (who is using all of his 19 years experience to lead his band exceptionally well) is to the far right. From left to right are some of his mares: Estrella, Paloma, BeGal, and Guapa. They look like they are getting ready to settle whatever dispute that needs settling…

… or perhaps they are simply enjoying a quiet, sunny afternoon at the Sanctuary and are merely looking at the photographer inquisitively as he is spinning a story of a non-existent rumble.

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