Dos Amigas

There are moments in life that are tender and touching. They are fleeting, gone before you know it, yet it is these moments that define us. Oddly enough, these moments are not exclusive to humans.

Take the case in point with Clarisse (the red on the left) and Tizne (the blue gray on the right). Part of Milagro‚Äôs band at the Monero Mustang Sanctuary, these two mares are enjoying a tender moment out in the open fields of the sanctuary. To be sure, the rest of the band is close by–very close by. Especially Milagro himself, who would not let these two out of his sight for a moment. Yet, these two, slightly apart, share a special bond of togetherness and companionship all the same.

The Monero Mustang Sanctuary in New Mexico rescues mustangs from terrible fates and restores to them a very large measure of freedom. Safe from the predations of humans, they are able to form again bands as they are meant to do and freely roam about the sanctuary. It is the closest thing to true freedom that they could ever hope for. And thanks to the loving and care folks who run the sanctuary, their worries are few.

Leaving these two friends, of course, free to enjoy the afternoon sun and tender moments.

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