Blue Afternoon

The storm was finally on its way.

After threatening all day, at long last the winter storm had finally decided that it would, indeed, come in, and would, indeed, add more snow to the already snowy pasture. The horses paid the storm no mind, for they knew it would do what it wanted, and no amount of cajoling would convince it otherwise.

The horses were wise in this regard. Best simply to enjoy a good afternoon snack. For after all, what better way to face the wrath of winter than with a full belly? Best not to fret the small things in life, for no matter the fury that might be unleashed, spring would be here soon enough.

The skies grew darker and even more ominous as the storm gathered its strength. The horses, however, continued ignoring the situation, or more likely, simply decided there was nothing they could do about it. As the afternoon wore on the skies finally began dropping their burden onto the pasture, old house, and horse alike. Each stood its ground and waited it out, each in its own way. They had seen it all before and they would see it all again.

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