Horse Way

“There’s my way and then there’s the highway” the old expression goes. But this horse knows the way, and it is frankly, his way.

This is a reservation horse in Monument Valley, and the rest of the herd is heading elsewhere. Not content to be “just one of the herd,” this fellow decided to strike out on his own. After all, he knows the way, and where everyone else is going is not his concern.

Such is the way of life on the reservation in Monument Valley, in the Navajo Nation. Running free on the dunes, the horses are simply enjoying the exercise on a cold winter day in January. They actually don’t have much of a destination in mind, and wherever they happen to end up is more than acceptable. Still, you have to admire the spirit of this one horse who is blazing his own path.

In the end, he picked up speed and charged past me at a break-neck pace. As it turned out, the rest of the herd looped around and they all met up on the far side of the dune field. Sometimes, the horse way is indeed the short way.

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