Monumental Journey

The January day was cold, as January days are supposed to be. A light snow had fallen, making the day seem even colder. To top it off, the sun was nowhere to be found, either, adding further insult. Cold, dreary, January.

The horse, however, paid no attention, for it was on a mission. Journeying across the dunes of Monument Valley, it trotted ever forward, intent on its destination. It was unknowable what the destination was, but the horse knew and that’s all that really mattered.

This is Monument Valley in the heart of the Navajo Nation, and the horse is a reservation horse. When the horses there are freed, they make the most of it, and sometimes set off on journeys of their own design: when this happens, they are allowed to complete their quest, as is fitting and proper.

Trotting across the unbroken sand, the horse topped the small dune, and headed out of the dune field entirely, still focused on the goal. It stepped lightly onto the valley floor, and continued on around the mesa, out of sight.

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