Stallion’s Land

He stood there, patiently, ever so patiently, surveying the desert before him, perhaps contemplating where to move his band next, and certainly keeping a watchful eye out for those who need watching. He was in no hurry to move, and simply stood there, still as a statue, turning his gaze now and then to whatever distant object caught his eye.

This proud stallion is in Wyoming’s Red Desert, the last high desert ecosystem left in North America. For countless years the wild horses have been running free in this land, calling it their own, yet living in harmony with it so as to pass it to their future generations. Bands roam throughout the desert, living wild and free, and doing perfectly fine.

It is important that we recognize this, and continue to be excellent stewards of the land. This means in many cases that we need to do what it right for the desert and its inhabitants, rather than seek monetary gain from destroying the land. After all, the wild horses have shown us that all can live in concordance with the land.

The stallion eventually turned back to band, content at what he saw.

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