Mustang Moments

It is hard work being a wild horse. A “day off” isn’t in your vocabulary, and you are constantly on the move. Your next meal is of the utmost priority, as is making sure you know exactly where, and how far away, the watering hole is. Although there are no predators to speak of, countless of thousands of years of instinct say otherwise, and you always have one eye open.

If you are a stallion, you have all of this as well as the safety of your entire band to worry about, not to mention the threat of another stallion challenging your position. If you are a mare, you have all of this, as well as a young foal to watch over and teach.

And for the young foals themselves? Every now and then they do get a moment moments to themselves. This small, tender moment happened between two young mustangs, one just a few days old, out on the open range of Wyoming’s Red Desert.

It was a tender, sweet, and deeply touching moment. Even in the harshest environment, the young remind us that life is full of love and joy, of caring and sharing, especially if you are a young wild mustang.

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