Follow Me

“Follow me!” the young colt cried, and took off down the hill.

The mare, being older and wiser, took off after her young, but not quite as quickly as she might have. She knew she would catch up in short order, and indeed, she did. They continued across Wyoming’s Red Desert at a quick, yet easy to maintain, pace. Up small hills and down, mother followed son.

It was a good day in the desert for all concerned. It was spring, and the colt was just a couple of weeks old. Old enough to be well on his way to being self-sufficient, yet young enough that each hill was a new adventure waiting to happen. Recent rains had brought much needed moisture, and standing water here and there, into the desert, so food and water, perennial problems, were not much of an issue. Temperatures were moderate, winds light, and all in all it was an absolutely glorious day.

The wild horses have been sharing this ritual for as long as there has been time. Free from everyone, they live life on their own terms, wild and free, strong and proud. Let’s hope that we continue to be good stewards of the desert and let them continue as they have always known.

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