Stallion Squabble

Wild horses don’t have the ability, nor the desire, to sit down and talk through their differences. They deal with problems the best way they know how: face to face, with biting, kicking and general pushing around.

These two stallions in the Red Desert of Wyoming illustrate the example perfectly. They are in the same band, and are likely father and son. Still, that doesn’t mean that they see eye to eye all the time, and when Junior started feeling his oats, Dad took the time to show Junior just who is in charge.

Around and around they went in the heat of the afternoon; clouds of dust flew everywhere. They would rear up and slash at each other; I had the impression they weren’t out to hurt so much as to make a point. Down they would come and they would then dance around each other, looking for an opening. Up and down and all around it went. A lot of pushing, and just like that, the squabble was over.

Dad stared at junior as he pawed the ground, over and over. Junior didn’t dare move a muscle while this was going on. And just like that, they walked away from each other, the horse lessons learned. In the meantime, there was grazing to get back to. Ah, to be free as only a wild horse can be!

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