Moraine View

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, is known for many things, but, perhaps, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is elk. To be sure, there are a lot of elk there, perhaps more than three thousand in the summer months, and it is sometimes hard to not see an elk.

Yet, there are some extraordinary scenic views of the park as well, and it has some amazing places; it is all in your perspective.

This view is from Moraine Park (Rocky Mountain National Park is sub-divided into different “parks”) on a magnificent spring day. The mountain golden pea had just bloomed a few days ago, the first time this year, and thanks to the recent rains, it was in absolutely perfect form and color. The entire park was coming alive, in stark contrast to the high mountain peaks which were loathe to give up their snow caps they had worked so hard to acquire.

The clouds drifted by, obvious, perhaps, to the goings on below, but that was OK. They completed the stunning view of Moraine Park.

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