Yellowstone Cloudscape

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, despite having been visited for over one hundred years as a National Park, and despite having more than three million people within its borders some years, still has a few surprises up her sleeve for those patient enough to seek them out.

Take, for example, this cloudscape. I was up by the Northeast Entrance, and the day had been cloudy and overcast. It was a late spring day; the park was coming alive again after one of the hardest winters in recent memory. It was almost as if the park was determined to make this most of the summer as soon as it could. As I watched the dreary scene before me, however, the clouds began to part over on the next mountaintop, and traces of blue sky appeared behind it. I felt like the park created this scene just for me. I felt as if I was transported to a different time and place, and the rest of the world would wait for my return.

A little while later the sky closed in on my paradise, and the magic spell began to dissipate, the cloudscape a vibrant, yet distant, memory.

Still, I know the park had saved this moment just for me.

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