Steadfast Quarai

The mission at Quarai has withstood the rigors of time for the last four hundred years or so and is ready to handle the next few centuries and then some.

Built during the Spanish Mission period, probably by fray Francisco de Acevedo, the Quarai mission rose from the earth brick by brick and timber by timber over a rough period of six years at the Quarai pueblo, mostly likely starting in in the year 1629 or 1630. Exact details have, unfortunately, long been lost, but some records do remain, allowing some reasonable estimate. The mission was occupied and used until 1674, when it was first abandoned.

It was used as a waypoint for travelers over the years, and was reoccupied in the early 1800s by settlers of the nearby town on Manzano. Being well built, the mission had largely survived intact until somewhere around 1830, when an Apache raid burned most of the remaining structural support, eventually causing many of the walls to collapse. In the 1930s, though, the ruins were stabilized and partially over a long period of years, allowing the mission to continue its long march into time. Today, it is possible to visit this ancient site and pay respect to all who have come before.

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