Gorge’s Morning

Morning has always been a time of awakening. A time when the sun rises, the world begins anew, and the rhythms of the day once again establish themselves. Of course, not everyone wakes up easily, and for some, it takes a while to get going. And sometimes, this applies to places as well as people.

Apparently, Flaming Gorge in the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Wyoming is just one of those places.

This is a foggy spring morning looking out over the gorge. I was absolutely captivated by how the clouds came and went through the valley; low one moment, almost clearing the next, then lower and thicker. It was a magical morning, full of drama and suspense, and I simply enjoyed it for what it was.

The tree was also enjoying it, I would imagine, as it kept leaning into the scene, perhaps to get a slightly better view. To me, though, it completed the scene.

Thus, Gorge’s Morning was made.

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