Geo Fall

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is known for its wildlife, notably the bison, elk, bears, and of course, wolves. These large animals are hardly the only animals in Yellowstone, and countless smaller ones live there, too, many quite extraordinary despite their diminutive stature.

Yellowstone also has a reputation for its scenery, especially the impressive waterfalls along the Yellowstone River and its numerous geysers, such as the iconic Old Faithful. Yet, like the wildlife, you don’t have to be large to be beautiful.

Geo Fall isn’t really a waterfall; it is a small stream of water flowing over a small uprising, creating a miniature waterfall. The “waterfall” is all of two inches high; certainly not large enough to attract much attention and like as not will be gone in a few hours as it carves a new path. Yet, its magnificence stands above even that of the 308 foot lower falls. Its blue water is surrounded by wild greens, yellows, oranges and even violets of the geothermal area it is in the middle of. Powered by the volcanic forces underneath it, the small rivulet is driven by primordial forces, and along the way, it picks up minerals, and color, from deep within the earth. Geo Fall reminds us that you don’t have to be huge to be amazing.

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