Frozen Bridal

You wouldn’t think that winter’s cold could freeze a 365 foot waterfall. But it can. And it does.

This is Bridal Veil Falls, just outside of Telluride, Colorado, and it was no match for winter. This triple waterfall freezes over early in the season into whimsical and fantastical shapes and forms, making for a beautiful display of shape and form. It also makes a tempting target for ice climbers, too. This climb is regarded as one of the most difficult ice falls to climb in North America, and can be deadly, even to very experienced climbers.

The structure at the top of the falls is a power plant, and is sometimes used as a private residence. Of course, to live there required quite the spirit of adventure, since the only way in is a difficult 4×4 jeep trail. A passenger car simply cannot make the climb there, and it is recommended for experienced drivers only. Imagine living there, then, in the winter! The power plant portion is still operational, and today is supplies approximately 25% of Telluride’s power.

Come spring, the San Miguel River will overpower the ice, and the falls will run free again.

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