Winter Tree

Winter. A time of cold. A time when we begin to feel isolated, no matter the close companions that may surround us. A time when the land itself freezes into a deep sleep, to be woken only upon Spring’s sweet caress.

I was feeling these thoughts as I was watching the winter sun set in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. The day was cold and the gentle breeze blew gale-force winds through me, or so it seemed. The sky was cloudy and overcast; some would call it forlorn, while I deemed it a just one of those winter days. The sun continued its journey into darkness, intent on finding warmth elsewhere.

The tree, however, kept me resolute company. Without complaint, without moving, it rested against the snow, propping itself up as best as it possibly could. I admired its endurance, and together we held our vigil. The clouds would not part for me, and it seemed that nothing would come from my watch. My friend, however, kept pointing at the sky in its strong, silent way. Eventually, I looked down its trunk and out through its branches to see what it saw, and see what it had been trying so hard to point out to me. I was completely awestruck. With the tree’s help, Winter Tree was made.

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