Daisy Blue

What do you do on those days when the world just isn’t really going your way? What do you do when you need a familiar friend, a smile, and cheer? What do you do when you have a bad case of the blues? Who do you turn to?

Enter Daisy Blue. A daisy, dyed blue, against a field of daisies dyed not blue. In fact, the rest of the daisies are about every color imaginable (ahem. A slight poetic license, that statement; mostly they are yellow and orange and purple and green). A picture–a cheerful, bright and companionable picture–to remind us that each day holds brightness and sunshine.

It is hard to remember what my troubles were when I look at this, or even, really, if I even had any troubles to begin with. The longer I look at it, the less I remember about them, and the happier I become. You see, the blue in the daisy absorbs your blues, making it more blue, and you, of course, less so. The more you look, the more blues absorbed, and by extension, the better you feel. It’s that daisy magic, I guess, at work.

Hello, Daisy Blue. Goodbye Blues.

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