On Westward

It was a time of discovery, to be sure. Back when America was still being settled, the routes out west were well known, but knowing the route didn’t mean that everything about that route was known. Still, that was little or no deterrent to the scores of settlers who loaded up their wagons and struck out, heading west, heading for a new life and, in some cases, a new beginning.

The wagons, like those who used them, were rugged and tough. They went through hard, difficult times, and even the journey itself was not an easy one. We forget, sometimes, just how hard it was back then and how much one, wagons included, had to endure just to make the journey.

Take this wagon, for example. It is impossible to know what its story is, yet it stands ready today, poised in front of the mountains, ready to resume its westward journey. Weathered as it is through the years, it is still serviceable, for it is rugged and tough, just like its owners always have been. It waits patiently for the day when it will be used again.

On westward!

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