Go, Thomas!

Go, Thomas, Go!

Thomas the Tank Engine had decided to race his friend, just to see who was faster. The other engine was bigger and stronger, that’s for sure, but Thomas knew that he had a good chance. “Bigger isn’t always better,” Thomas thought to himself, “and I know I can do this!”

The “race” was taking place at the Chama Station in Chama, New Mexico, and yes, Thomas is a very real engine. Or, at least, a real train car (behind the scenes, Thomas gets a friendly assist from a running steam locomotive, but we’ll just ignore that for the sake of this story). Thomas makes special appearances on select narrow-gauge rail lines, and he brings to life the famous character to the delight of young and old alike. This photograph was made at the end of the day when Thomas was parked for the night, but in seeing this scene, to me it seemed that Thomas and another engine decided to have a race.

Thomas was going as fast as he could, and before too long he pulled ahead of the other locomotive. He won the race, just as he knew he would.

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