Balloon Mesa

There wasn’t anything formal about the launch, really. The hot air balloon pilots had a briefing at the beginning of the day, and given some general launch instructions. Once in Monument Valley, it was up to them to select the exact launch site from the pre-approved possibilities, unload their balloon and get it into the air. Whenever that happened was whenever it happened, and off they went. Their flight could be as long or as short as they wished, although they were asked to stay in the general area of Rain God Mesa. It sounds like absolute chaos, but in reality, it was all quite smooth and orderly.

These three balloons were nearing the end of their flight; they had been drifting for quite some time and their chase crews were in position. They drifted toward the far end of the valley, then began transiting back to close to the launch point.

In so doing, they lined up absolutely perfectly for this panorama. I had been hoping that they would fall into formation, and near the end, they did exactly that; perfect spacing on a perfect morning, right over the mesa.

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