Sister Flight

The three sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity, as always, were quiet, lost in prayer. It was not yet time for them to return to the land of the living. The Navajo believed these three spires are Holy People turned to stone; Harry Goulding supplied us with their modern names. In any event, they took absolutely notice of the balloons flying right over them.

Everyone else did, though.

After all, it is not every day, literally, when balloons fly in Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation. On special occasions, such as this balloon rally, a select few are granted the privilege of valley flight, bringing the skies to life, much to the delight of all who are lucky enough to witness the event.

Taking off from the North Window area, these balloons drifted quietly and gently through the valley; never rising very high, and skirting the mesa’s that dominate the landscape. When they approached the Three Sisters, however, the gained a little altitude and easily sailed over them, not pausing lest they disturb the sister’s long rest.

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