Shadow Me

The two balloons rose up as one into the clear morning sky. The sun was shining bright, the air currents were perfect, and it was a superb day to go flying and exploring. Today’s adventure would take them deep into the valley of the monuments; tall monoliths reaching skyward, their enormous bulk changing the very air around them.

One balloon flew in front, defying the monuments very air, rising higher with every passing moment. The other was much more timid, preferring to stay close, if not right on, the monument itself, following its companion exactly. It stayed in perfect formation as if by magic. The lead pilots put a hand up in greeting; the other pilots immediately followed suit. The balloons ventured on toward the deep cleft in the monument. Perhaps today would be the day they fly through it! As the lead balloon made the turn, its companion decided to leave; perhaps it would try the cleft itself another day.

Shadow Me was created during a hot air balloon rally in Monument Valley, in the Navajo Nation. The companion balloon eventually worked up the courage to rejoin the lead one at a different monument a little later in the flight.

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