Kestrel Landing

The American Kestrel. Small, yes. But its size belies its intensity, for make no mistake about it… the American Kestrel is a raptor, a bird of prey and a very, very fine hunter. Fast, fierce and deadly, its hunting skills are considerable indeed. And, it has the distinction of being the most colorful raptor and the most common falcon in North America, ranging throughout almost all of the North American continent. This raptor gets around… and stays around.

This particular male just happens to be in full breeding color; note the intense orange around its beak, and if you happened to be a female kestrel, well, you would find him quite handsome indeed. He is just landing  when this shot was taken, perhaps to reset and begin to look for lunch. And, it is important to note that this magnificent fellow is being cared for by the Wildlife Rescue, Inc. of New Mexico, an organization dedicated to helping orphaned and injured wildlife.

And being on the wrong end of the American Kestrel, small though it may be, is not something I would care to be. Oh no. Not at all. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that the glint is his eye is all that good news for me…

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