Taking Flight

The afternoon was perfectly silent–nothing save the whisper of the wind could be heard in the canyon. Perhaps, if one used their imagination, one might hear the gentle gurgle of water from the Colorado River, or, perhaps that was just wind again. The heat is oppressive, it being summer, and not a creature is stirring.

The afternoon was getting a little long in the tooth, as well. The sun had long ago decided that it was time to head for bed, and although it was not quite dinner time yet, the sun was heading that way. This worked out really well, because the canyon walls, with beautiful mauve shades to begin with, really began to come alive. For colors are largely immune to heat. The canyon continued its utter stillness.

Save for the condor that has decided to move from here to there. The “whoosh” of its wings breaks the silence and just like that the afternoon’s quiet is no more. The condor took off from a large rock outcrop and is headed off in search of prey, or perhaps just a change of view.

After a moment, the sound faded into the distance and silence descended once again.

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