Eagle Sweep

High above, far out of reach of the mere mortals stuck upon the ground, it soared. Wings wide, spread from one side of the horizon to the other, the bald eagle was aloft, surveying its domain. For its domain was air and land, all of it, all to all others who think they might lay claim otherwise–too bad.

The bald eagle continues to soar in long, lazy circles, sometimes drifting higher and sometimes lower. All the while the keen eyes ever watchful.

Suddenly the soar turned into a dive! Heading straight to the ground at a seemingly impossible speed the eagle became a deadly threat to whatever it spied below. But, in the case, nothing came of the dive for the eagle once again stretched out its wings and executed a beautiful sweep as it headed toward the heavens again.

The eagle continued its vigil, returning now and again to its catch for a brief rest before taking to the skies. Over and over, grace, beauty and majesty combined into one throughout the afternoon near Payson, Arizona.

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