Solo Flight

The flock of snow geese taking wing at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Reserve in New Mexico is a breathtaking experience. A calm and serene morning, with a background of gentle bird calls, is transformed within a heartbeat to a cacophony as hundreds, if not thousands, of snow geese suddenly take off from their nighttime ponds, skyward bound into the morning. The excitement rises with the birds and each and every spectator’s heart beats faster and faster as the accession continues.

Yet, amid the chaos of the fly out, peace is still to be found, at least in isolated pockets. There, against the distant swirling clouds and the yellow of the morning light, one lone snow goose heads out to its day. The snow goose gracefully flies on its solo flight, unconcerned with the rest of the flock, and within that grace lies profound beauty. The clouds sense this as well, for they part before it, giving it clear passage, and then close up behind it, preserving the solitude. The yellow morning light rises above it all, giving a promise and sparkle to the morning.

It isn’t long before the rest of the flock catches up, but the goose is now the leader of the flock and together they fly together into the day.

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