Bosque Surreal

The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is the winter home of an extraordinary number, and an extraordinary selection of migratory birds. Fed by the Rio Grande river, these wetlands are just far enough south such that the winters are fairly mild and moderate. Furthermore, there is an abundance of fields upon which to feed, making this an ideal location for the weary winter bird.

Not surprisingly, then, the Bosque del Apache is best known for the birds.

But it isn’t just the birds that make it so special. Every now and then, and only on rare occasions at that, one is treated to an amazing display of color. It might come during the morning sunrise, or it might come during sunset. For those lucky enough to see a color display, though, it is a sight not soon forgotten.

This is one of those rare moments. It was a cold November morning, and there were some high clouds. There was nothing foreshadowing how colorful and spectacular this sunrise would be, but literally, in the blink of an eye it, it went from a “nice” morning to an absolutely “surreal” one. Right at the height of the colors, a massive flock of snow geese decided they, too, wanted to be part of the color. Surreal, indeed!

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