Hummingbird Wall

There is something fascinating about a hummingbird that never ceases to amaze us. Perhaps it is the small, delicate shape that belies just how tough a hummingbird is. Perhaps it is the buzzing sound of the wings, or the screech as one chases the other off their favorite flower. Or maybe it is just the fact that they can fly forwards or backwards, up or down, and make it appear that they are merely floating on the wind?

Whatever the reason, they are a joy to watch.

I caught up with this hummingbird just outside of Tucson, Arizona. I enjoyed watching it as it would move in and out of the flower, probably the best flower around, gathering a bit of nectar. Of course, the brick wall behind it made it perfect to my eye, and how could I not create a photograph of it?

Eventually, the hummingbird had its fill of the flower and moved on in search of another. I just sat there, patiently, and waited, for I had a feeling.

Sure enough, after a moment, it came back again. After all, this was just the best flower around!

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