Hanging Hummingbird

There are days when you are full of life and energy, vim and vigor, and you accomplish everything you set out to do, and more.

Then are days when no matter what, you just aren’t motivated, and despite your best efforts, nothing much is accomplished. You really just want to hang around.

Perhaps, then, this hummingbird is having an unmotivated day. I caught up with it just outside of Tucson, Arizona, and it appeared to be in no hurry to leave its perch. It just sat there, all poofed up, hanging around. It is impossible to know what it was truly thinking, but to my eyes, it was in no hurry to go much of anywhere.

That’s fine with me, of course, as it gave me ample time to arrange and make this photograph. It just continued to sit there, looking at me now and then, mostly looking elsewhere, patiently waiting for me to be done. Whether or not the hummingbird was motivated, I cannot say, but I sure was, and I could not be more pleased with how this day turned out.

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