Heron Watch

The great blue heron. A beautiful bird, the largest of the herons in North America, this heron is primarily a wetlands and coastal bird. Although it prefers a diet of fish, when push comes to shove, it is not that picky and quite adaptable, and they are adept at using their feet to flush out prey.

This grey blue heron is keeping a careful watch in Yellowstone National Park. Moments before it was carefully walking along the edge of a small stream; now, however, something has caught its eye and its attention is sharply focused. Whatever it spies had best watch out!

The heron are somewhat plentiful in Yellowstone and their population is stable. It is important to note that if you should happen upon their rookery, do not approach it. The slightest disturbance near their nesting area can easily cause them to abandon their nest permanently, so distance viewing of this bird is for the best. Even noise can cause them to leave.

After a moment the heron began to advance upon its new-found prey. Cautiously and slowly it crept forward, striking suddenly into the water. Fish for lunch!

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