Barned Owl

That Barned Owl.

These guys are everywhere… absolutely everywhere (well, not Antarctica, but that’s about the only place you won’t find one) They are one of the most widely distributed species of owls there is, and one of the most widespread birds. Look around you: chances are a barn owl is nearby.

And, oddly, these owls do not, in fact, “hoot.” Instead, it has a rather ear-piercing scream (especially at close range) which will certainly get your attention. If that’s not enough, it can hiss like a snake, and should you actually corner one it will simply flop on its back and strike with its talons, which are, as expected razor sharp.

In short these guys are tough. Very, very tough. It’s a raptor, a bird of prey, and full of surprises and tricks. They might look kind of harmless, but looks are very deceiving.

That Barned Owl, indeed.

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