Saw-Whet Pose

This is a rescue Saw-Whet Owl, taken at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge during the Festival of the Cranes. Plenty of fantastic groups are out there taking care of nature when it needs help, and this little guy is a rescue from one such group. They were kind enough to let folks meet this little guy and he was quite a charmer. In fact, for all the world he seemed to know what a camera was and how to strike a pose–my finger never has hit the shutter button so fast. He just sat there, very willingly, and very happily (I think. Come to think of it, how do I really know the owl was happy? I’m guessing it was. And if you know differently, please be gentle when you burst my bubble. Anyway.) turning this way and that in the sunlight. He was enjoying the afternoon, enjoying the sunlight (well, it is usually nocturnal, but one must make exceptions now and then), and enjoying it all.

When it comes down to it, is there anything better than spending your afternoon with a posing owl?

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