Owl Eyes

One of the great things about the Festival of the Cranes in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is that it is all about the wildlife there, and as such, lots of folks come to exhibit and talk about the various wildlife. And when folks exhibit, therein lies opportunity.

A myriad of birds were there from various wildlife rescue groups. These groups do incredible work–they care for those who need our help and often work diligently to reverse the effects of man on our fragile habitat. Support these groups, for our help (that’s you and me, you know) is desperately needed. OK. I’ll get off the soapbox. Not surprisingly, many of the groups were all about birds. There in a corner were… owls.

Owls are way fun. They are bright, inquisitive, not camera-shy in the least and definitely interact with you. They watch you, too, which can be a little unnerving because of those eyes. The eyes! Here’s a hint: don’t try to win a staring contest with an owl. You won’t. Believe me, this is the voice of experience talking. It’s the eyes, you know. That and the fact that they are really sure your name tag says, simply,


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